Sunday, December 5, 2010

Clarity and Diligence

In thinking of our master plan there are two things to keep in mind, clarity and diligence. I recently met with my film-producing partner and were discussing the development of our film project, Godspeed. Each time we meet we always come to the table with innovative development and marketing ideas. We have been in development for the last year or so, which some may think is a long time, but in considering the details, the necessary elements and the importance of presentation (you only have one time to make a great initial impression)...any good business idea takes time to develop and refine.  We are committed to doing the work and investing countless hours to develop and produce our film with as much integrity to our vision as possible.

 A lot of people from different walks of life are finding themselves at a crossroad...some young people are grappling with what do I do now that I am finishing college and others are finding themselves transitioning careers because of the economy or just at that time in their lives when they want to invest themselves in a career that makes them happy. No matter what the circumstances the first steps to feeling fulfilled is being clear and creating a plan or course to make it happen.

The mission of my blog is talk about the wonderful world of production and with that in mind, here are my pearls of wisdom.  Whether you are working on a film or live event project there are few things that you have to consider.  Working on productions requires thinking on your feet, patience and diplomacy.  I am sure you have heard this advise before and just wanted to reiterate the path I choose.  If you want to get a crack at production work or producing, start networking, make some calls and connections and intern or volunteer. Interning or volunteering will give you insight, give you a glimpse at what is required on a number of levels...the time commitment, skill set, how many elements go into development, pre-planning, the actual production and most important the required temperament.

The question I get all the time is how do I get started and how do I transition from where I am to working on events/projects full time. My first question is why do you want to work in this industry and how committed are you to what I call "getting the job done by any means necessary?"

Are you ready to get started?

I am developing a Producing Workshop that I would like to present in the the near future so if anyone, non-profit or for-profit is interested please email me at