Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Investment of Energy

Energy is not just what you exert physically but what you manifest silently. It is the dialogue you have with your consciousness, how you invest your time, what words you chose or how you react.

I have a keen sense of the types of projects I choose to invest my energy and that of my companies. The entertainment projects have to be creative, intelligent, inspirational and challenging.  Once you have clarity around your work, brand and mission, you draw those types of projects into your sphere and your work becomes an extension of what you represent as a brand.

In thinking about new projects and putting my energy into business development,  I am drawn to endeavors that provide longevity and multi platforms versus one time productions, that do not provide strategic or growth opportunities. This is where the rubber meets the road, when being a Producer and managing the business of life intersect. There are several principles of being a Producer that can be applied to life, understanding your project and audience is a must, in life clarity is so important to how we live and interact on so many levels. We should never take for granted that some aspects of our personal life do not translate to who we are as employees, business partners and entrepreneurs.  We have to keep in mind that we are a constant image of our brand and corporations want to partner with companies and individuals that are an extension of what they represent to their clients and consumers. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk, from your smile, your mannerisms, your speaking, from your clothing to your education and have to be a complete package from the inside out in order to get to the next level. I am not saying you have to be perfect you just have to represent consistently the "best you" even when you don't get the job or contract and when our days are filled with challenges.

Being a successful Producer is about building relationships and trust not just with your clients but also with your audience for whom the event or project is created. You have to understand your audience and their needs.... how do you build a relationship with the audience that instills, trust, consistency and quality? All should be considered when developing concepts, marketing strategies and promotional campaigns, which will appeal and attract conference attendee's, consumers, festival and moviegoers. Again all of the above mentioned co-relate to life, to both our business and personal relationships. So when you think about producing, it is comparable to managing and negotiating life, 80% of producing a project is in the pre-planning and 20% lies in the execution, a lesson or two can be translated to living successfully. If we put the extra energy we use everyday into thinking affirmative thoughts and writing our goals daily or weekly, we would teach ourselves how to live and actualize our dreams versus just living to keep dreaming and surviving.

I created this blog to actualize my dream of providing a space where I could share about my career and inspire those who have a similar dream to put their dreams into action. Again my hope is that we can learn, inspire and support each other as we share our experiences.

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Anonymous said...

GeChar,:-), I needed this tonight. Thanks.

David Terrie