Thursday, August 26, 2010

Producing is all consuming

I know it has been a while, did not realize that it has been two years since I created this blog but as they say it is never too late to get the balling rolling. So I am back and I have worked on several projects since...BET's Fly Girls with the inspiring Michaela angela Davis,  with ESSENCE Magazine on their Empowerment Conference and my company has produced the ESSENCE Music Festival's Empowerment Seminar Series for the last 7 years which now includes a TV ONE Gospel Tribute Special that will air early fall.  I have participated in a couple of events where I have spoken on panels at the Urban Surburban Film Festival in Philadelphia and at the Braids n Beads event held in New Orleans this past summer. So in writing this blog I can see the fruit of my labor in motion which is amazing!  Sometimes you have to take a moment to realize all that you do and give your self a little praise.

I am especially excited that I am co-producing the film project Godspeed with talented writer Celia Peters, if you do not know Celia do your homework she is the next Diablo Cody of black filmmakers...she is getting ready to blow up on the film scene just remember I gave you the inside scoop 1st!

For those of you that have the passion to commit your life to the crazy amazing world of production you will find out soon that it is all consuming. It is like being in a relationship you have to be patient and give your 100 % or as we all know  it will not work which is the same philosophy you must have going into the world of producing. The more I work the less time I have but the beauty of it all is that I find myself dreaming of more ways to use my creativity through my work and creating new projects.

I am believer of sharing collectively which is my inspiration for writing this blog, so that I can share my experience and hope is that we can learn, inspire and support each other as we share our experiences.


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